Our Story

Our Story

“The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long.”

For most of us, our first beauty guru is our mom, who taught us the time-tested traditions of skin and hair care rituals handed over through generations, by her mother and grandmother.

And in a nutshell, this is the story and inspiration behind the origin of the brand – Ethnic Blends!!

In my teens, I was blessed with lovely straight hair and great skin. I then started using hair products and styling techniques to make them look even more beautiful. Less did I know that the hairdryers and hair straighteners would damage my hair, and the harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients will rob my hair of its natural luster and life. I realized that over time my super straight hair gradually became more frizzy and rough. My hair stopped looking healthy in the real sense of the word!

As a person who is super possessive about her hair, I could not digest this change. Moreover, people around me started noticing the difference and commenting on my ‘bad’ hair. This was the trigger, and I knew I had to do something about this problem.

I realized that when I was a child, my mother used to follow a regimen of performing ‘Champi’ three times a week and applying curd hair packs every week. She also used to make a concoction of natural ingredients to make homemade shampoo. I restarted the same routine again, and I could see the benefits instantly within a short period. The whole experience felt excellent and soothing, and I could feel the bounce back in my hair.

I started experimenting with various homemade potions and mixtures, dug into some of my grandma’s coveted beauty recipes, and started seeing visible results. People noticed, praises were back, and I was the happiest!

It is humane to try to find a solution only after a problem arises. So, when I approached my thirties and realized that my skin was being affected by the job stress, late nights, and lack of a skincare routine, I tried to give a shot to homemade natural products. I just started with the basic ubtans, and that did wonders to my skin.

These benefits that I derived using our ancient ‘nuskhes’ developed my interest in making products that can be used daily without any harmful effects. I handed out samples of my homemade hair packs, hair oil, face packs, and ubtans to my friends and relatives, and they turned out to be an instant hit with them. Their positive reviews further motivated my passion for developing pure, chemical-free products and helping all those who have faced similar problems like mine. Thus my brand ‘Ethnic Blends’ was born.

All our Ethnic Blend products are formulated based on knowledge gained from traditional holistic therapies and the therapeutic power of nature’s purest ingredients. They are designed to help you achieve beautiful hair, glowing skin and inner peace.

Our products are freshly blended in small batches, to ensure 100% purity and efficacy. We are as conscious about the planet as we are of your skin and hair and hence are 99% plastic free in all our products packaging.