Sesame Jasmine Body Lotion


For ages, sesame oil has been a part of Indian massages.

Sesame oil possesses incredible beauty benefits that help you deal with every skin woe and achieve picture-perfect skin. It is a cure for every skin issue and suits every skin type, even oily, acne-prone skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties fight pimples, infections, and rash and makes it effective in healing dryness and redness. It helps rejuvenate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and reduce the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. The oil is a natural moisturizer, so it provides deep hydration to the skin. Apart from this, it also protects the skin from harmful UV rays and radical damage.

Also, for centuries, jasmine has been popular for its sweet, romantic fragrance and has been used in some of the world’s best-known perfumes. The aroma of jasmine in the lotion acts as an anti-depressant and hence has a calming effect.

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Key Ingredients

Aloe vera

Sesame oil

Jasmine essential oil




Key Benefits:
  • Keeps skin hydrated, plump, and healthy
  • Nourishes the skin from deep within
  • Reduces sagginess of the skin
  • Prevents fine lines and wrinkles
What’s inside that really matters:
Naturally derived Emulsifier, Allantoin, Glycerin, Aloe vera, Sesame oil, paraben-free preservative, Jasmine Essential oil
How to Use:
  • For best results, use on slightly damp skin just after a bath or shower and before sleeping.
  • Take a few drops on your hand and rub gently till absorbed.
Quantity : 100ml and 200ml

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100 ml, 200 ml


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