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Kesar / Saffron has been known to have a lot of benefits for our skin for ages. Be it the Kesar milk that we drink at night in winters or applying kesar infused packs on the face, this gem has been trusted by our ancestors for a long time. Saffron protects our skin against UV radiation and reduces hyper-pigmentation. It also improves skin tone and brightens the skin.

Vitamin C in grapeseed oil lightens skin discolorations like acne scars and sunspots.

Cucumber in the cream has a very soothing and calming effect and gives glowing and blemish-free skin.

Try this cream to make your skin soft, supple, and glowing.

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Key Ingredients

Grapeseed oil

Saffron oil

Carrot seed oil

Manjistha powder

Cucumber extract

Aloe vera


Vitamin E oil

Orange extract

Lemon extract


Key Benefits:
  •  Reduces hyperpigmentation, skin blemishes, and dark spots
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces swelling and puffiness
  • Aids acne-prone skin
  • Helps in shedding dry skin cells
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Is anti-aging
What’s inside that really matters:
Naturally derived emulsifier, allantoin, glycerin, cold-pressed grapeseed oil & saffron oil, Carrot seed oil, Lemon extract, Orange extract, Turmeric, Licorice, Papaya, Manjishtha, Cucumber, Aloe vera, Red sandal, Natural vitamin E, paraben-free preservative.
How to Use:
  • For best results, use on slightly damp skin just after a bath or shower and before sleeping.
  • Take a small nugget on your hand and rub gently on the face till absorbed.
Quantity: 25 ml


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