Morning Sea Breeze Soap


Its said “Sunshine is the best medicine.” This morning sea breeze soap puts your mind at ease and creates an early morning calmness and peaceful ambience around you.

The goat milk soap base in the soap has high amount of fats that aids gentle removal of dirt from the skin and also exfoliates your skin. Glycerin in the soap helps lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevents over drying.

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Key Ingredients

Goat milk

Glycerin Soap base

Baja cactus blossom fragrance oil


Key Benefits:
  • Helps shed skin cells and hence improves skin tone and texture
  • Exfoliates your skin and may help control or prevent acne
What’s inside that really matters:
 SLS & paraben-free goat milk soap base, SLS & paraben-free glycerin soap base,  baja cactus blossom fragrance oil.
Suitable for:
 All skin types, including sensitive and oily skin
Quantity: 125 gms


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