Skin Glow Soap


This soap contains goat milk soap base.Using goat milk for skin care dates back thousands of years. Most commercially made soaps contain harsh surfactants that can strip your skin of natural moisture and oils, leaving it feeling dry and tight. To maintain your skin’s natural moisture, it’s best to use products that don’t remove the skin barrier’s natural fats.

Goat milk soap boasts high amounts of fats, allowing for gentle removal of dirt and debris without removing the skin’s natural fatty acids. Goat milk soap contains compounds that may exfoliate your skin. Due to its lactic acid content, goat milk soap may help control or prevent acne.

Saffron in the soap is anti-fungal and is effective for treating acne, blemishes, and blackheads.

The saffron and sandalwood fragrance give a calming and soothing effect to both your skin and mind.

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Key Ingredients

Goat milk


Aloe vera


Key Benefits:
  • Improves skin tone
  • Brings radiance to the skin
What’s inside that really matters:
SLS & paraben Goat milk soap base, saffron, Aloe vera,skin-safe saffron sandalwood fragrance oil.
Suitable for: All Skin Types
Quantity: 100 gms


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